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In a developing country like India, cycles are the most generally used modes of road transport. India has a strong cycling culture and called as poor man’s vehicle. India is a country of villages and majority of people here use bicycle for going nearer places. Bicycles are chief means of transportation for travelling to job, shopping, schools, and colleges and for other regular needs. In India, cycles are an essential mode of transportation for the middle class people but for the rich, running a cycle is a basic hobby to stay fit.

For the older cycles offer an easy approach to keep their health in good state. Moderate cycling does not insist an effort of a high order such as other gymnastic devices and is thus extremely suitable for the old. Bicycles in India, since their invention in the 19th century have had significantly affected Indian society in business, social and cultural fields. Indeed, in India a child’s life starts with a cycle either two wheeled or three wheeled. All Indian families despite their financial position provide cycles for their children and become compulsory at the age of ten or twelve.

Bicycles, with their mobility, frivolous and fitness answers have created a muscular bike culture in India. Being an effectual mode of transport cycle is best for small to modest distances. Compared to motor bikes, a simple cycle comes with multiple benefits. Apart from physical exercise it offers an option to the exercise of fossil fuels cycles do not make noise or air pollution. Cycles lessen traffic congestion. They are easier to park and can easily run on both roads and paths. These benefits are at less monetary costs to the user as well as society.

India has a vast trade for bicycles and there are many top companies in India that are busy in the manufacturing of cycles fulfilling the needs and tastes of customers. Companies like Hero Cycles, Avon Cycles, BSA Hercules, Atlas, Kaisar, EBike India and Petra come into the category of top bicycle companies and manufacture different kinds of bicycles perfect for sports, mountain hiking, and simple moving and for fitness purposes. “Avon Cycles” is first company that manufactured electric bicycle. This bicycle has the capacity of covering a distance of 40 kilometer on a single 36V lead acid, sealed and rechargeable battery. You can enjoy the ride at a maximum speed of 23kmph. Though classy it has come as an answer for the urban people who are uncovered to the harshness of irritation of heavy road traffic, parking blues and pollution.

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