Child carriers for cycling mothers and fathers

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Child carriers for cycling parents

Article by Adam Williams

Most cyclists will eventually make the transition into parenthood, and with that comes the issue of trying to juggle parenting commitments with their love of cycling. The Taga is a unique solution to that problem, as it combines a bicycle with a child stroller.

The Taga is now available in Australia through Instyle Ventures. It is almost certainly the most specialised child transportation device available on the market, with the ability to transform into many different modes. The basic configuration is the bike mode, which features an elevated child seat at the front, and a bicycle unit at the back. It can quickly convert to stroller mode with a few simple adjustments, making it perfect for use inside a shopping centre.

There are also a number of handy add-ons, such as an extra seat or double seat options to allow for 2 children. Side bags can be equipped to carry items for the children, which can make drinks and snacks easily accessible for them. There is also a rain or wind cover which can seal the child from the extremities, and a capsule to double as a child carrier and shopping basket.

The Taga even allows a child’s car seat to be installed with an adaptor if desired, but the regular seating also features a quality 5 point safety harness. Before and after use, it can easily be folded down to fit in the boot of your car, or a bike rack.

Depending on the amount of extras you equip, the weight of the unit can range between 20 and 29kg. Considering its transformational abilities, ease of use, and sturdiness, it is quite a lightweight machine. With the basic unit price starting at ,299, it is priced well to make an impact in sales in Australia.

The Taga has the ability to make cycling a true family activity. Children no longer have to reach a certain age before the parents are able to buy them their first bike and they can go riding together. With the Taga, young children can experience the joys of riding while their parents sit at the back in their custom cycling apparel and do all the legwork.

The unit is naturally forward facing, which allows the children to feel as though they are the ones riding. They will be facing the action and get a full view of all oncoming sights, which is unlike many other strollers in the market which leave the children bored facing their parents. Such is the design of the Taga, I’m sure many adults will see it and wish they were young again and riding with their parents.

It is truly an incredible piece of machinery and one that is sure to be a hit in Australia with cycling parents. More information on the Taga can be found at

Adam Williams is a cycling enthusiast from Australia.

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