Custom Cycling Jerseys for B4H

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Custom Bicycle Jersey

Although we are the one of the leading cycling clothing manufacturers in China, we did not open abroad market directly before. We decided to cut off the domestic dealers and agencies last year and face to abroad clients, leaving the margin to our clients and ourselves. Actually, the cycling clothing production is not so high-tech nowadays but the cycling clothing customization need easy-communication salesmen and a sophisticated design team. That’s why more and more clients choose us for cycling clothing customization, including clients like B4H, a non-profit organization.

We are delighted and honored to accept order from B4H after knowing that B4H is a non-profit organization for donating bicycles to developing countries such as Karamoja, Uganda etc.  One bike can change a life, one life can change a community. Business is business, but business can also be warm-hearted. We lower our quotation in order to let B4H hold the fundraising and bikes donations events easily.

We received the inquiry from B4H in Mid January for custom cycling jerseys but it happened we were going to take holidays for Chinese New Year. After a happy communication, we offered the custom cycling jersey template to Flavio, the member of B4H, to let him draw a draft design so that we both could save time during the holidays.

custom cycling jersey templateCustom Cycling Bib Shorts Templates

Custom Cycling Clothing Templates for Cycling Jerseys and (Bib) Shorts

After the Chinese New Year holidays, we returned to work and received Flavio’s draft design artwork for custom cycling jerseys, cycling shorts, arm warmers and leg warmers. And then our brilliant designer made them into detailed and rich pattern. We understood that clients always want to make their cycling clothing look best so we were obliged to accept their requirement to modify the design, without exception this time.  After several emails and several times of live chatting for design modification, we both confirmed the last version of design artwork.

Custom Cycling Jerseys DesignCustom Bike Jerseys Design

 Custom Leg Warmers DesignCustom Arm Warmers Design

Last Version of Design Artwork for Cycling Jerseys, (Bib) Shorts, Leg Warmers and Arm Warmers

When everything was ready, we went to production procedure.  We usedthe highest level Polyester and elastic Spandex for jerseys, shorts, arm warmers and leg warmers. There were also CoolMax pads within the shorts, which makes cyclists comfortable on the bike.  The excellent fabrics of the whole cycling kit keeps cyclists moisture-wicking , dry and much comfortable. What’ more, the Italy Sublimation Ink and Dye-Sublimation Printer ensure the printed  design water-resistant and never fade.

Custom Bike Wear - Printer Making Custom Bike Jerseys

Printing and Sewing

A week later, all the samples of the custom cycling jerseys, shorts, arm warmers and leg warmers were produced. We took clear photos to show them to Flavio. He asked us to change some design.  It seemed that the first samples didn’t meet his demand.  We soon produced the second samples according to his latest requirement.  This time he was really satisfied with the samples.

Custom Arm WarmersCustom Leg Warmers

Custom Bicycle JerseyCustom Bicycle Jersey

The next step was full-quantity-order production. We  made all the cycling clothing out. As soon as we received payment,   all the cycling clothing were dispatched to Canada, one chapter location of B4H.

Besides custom cycling clothing, we also manufacturer team cycling jerseys and Tour de France jerseys. The following is the video for a part of our production process. We know we can be better in this cycling clothing filed, we are highly appreciated for your suggestion if it could help us improve our quality and services.

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