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What are the ideal components for custom made team put on?

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What are the best materials for custom team wear?

Article by Adam Williams

Every cycling team wants to perform at its best. Whether they can improve through more training, better preparation, or by wearing superior custom team wear, a cycling team will gladly accept any method that can lead to better performance and faster race times.

Although it may not seem so on the surface of things, each of these methods requires putting in effort and hard work. The hard work behind training and preparation is both physical, and also has a mental aspect, where researching and finding the best methods of training and preparation is also required.

There isn’t really any physical effort required in getting the best custom team wear, but the same mental effort for research is also required if a cycling team wants to ensure that it is using the custom team wear which will provide them the maximum advantage over other cycling teams.

The manufacturing process, style and fit are all factors to consider, but undoubtedly the most important factor involved in finding the best custom team wear is in regards to the materials used. Using the best quality materials can give cyclists better mobility, improved body temperature control, increased endurance and less wind drag. If each individual cyclist can improve their performance from gaining an advantage from just one of these factors, then the cycling team will naturally also see a significant improvement.

Science is having a great influence on every major sport in the 21st century, and cycling is definitely no exception. We have seen a similar effect in the swimming pool, with world records being smashed by swimmers wearing new suits made using the latest advanced materials. Now we are encountering an age where the materials used for cycling wear will help cyclists slash through the air, just like the swimmers gliding through the water.

While the most popular choice of fabric for custom team wear is polyester, there are actually a wide variety of polyester product types. They can either be made from straight polyester, a blend of polyester and lycra, or a proprietary blend of polyester, which is often some kind of microfiber. These blends are specially designed to help wick moisture away from the body and help keep the riders in the team cooler.

Many cycling jersey manufacturers are now using bamboo charcoal as part of their polyester mix. Apart from the performance benefits and protection from UV rays, the bamboo charcoal is also eco-friendly. The jury is still out on its effectiveness over other polyester blends, so cyclist either need to continue researching, or just get in contact with a professional custom team wear supplier such as Seight Custom Cycling Wear to learn what materials currently give the best performance results.

Adam Williams is a cycling enthusiast from Australia.