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Dye Sublimation Printers and Sony Print Media

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Dye Sublimation Printers and Sony Print Media

Post by Menthon Bird

Dye sublimation printers are turning out to be increasingly popular these days, because most photo printing pros are investing on them. They are the far more upscale choice to inkjet and laser printers that have been in use for the last many years.

Comparing an inkjet to a dye sub printer you will soon figure out that dye sublimation is primarily based on the continuous tone technologies this implies that the dots we see could be any color, while the droplets of the inkjet printers are strictly limited to the ones obtainable on the cartridge of the printer. Therefore, most of the times the images printed by an inkjet printer are diverse from the true colours, while in the case of the dye sublimation printers, the colors are the exact very same as the tones that you can see in chemical pictures.

Yet another wonderful advantage of dye sublimation printers is that the photos can be handled proper away, due to the fact there are no liquids involved hence the result is completely clear and clean. This is an benefit that plays a really critical part in the situation of pros and photo kiosks that base their perform on speed and top quality.

There are many producers of dye sub printers right now, with DNP getting one of the primary ones. Despite the fact that the name might not sound that recognized when it comes to photo printers in standard, its “mother” firm, Sony, does. The popular firm decided to spin off the company of dye sub printers and then DNP Photo Imaging America modified its name and went with the new one.

DNP creates higher good quality printers that are in a position to print and display brilliant and deep colours, sturdy images that make them the amount 1 choice amid corner retailer photobooths and print kiosks, as nicely as among commercial printers.

Some of the most identified designs are the DS 40, the DS 80, the DS RX1 which can meet diverse needs and requirements. They are quite rapidly and efficient, able to print within 6-7 seconds photographs of 6 x 9 inches, at a resolution of 300 x 300 dpi or more. Some models, such as the RX1 are price and power efficient and are the perfect option for those who wish to spend much less funds but nevertheless make no compromise in good quality. For those whose print wants go beyond the simple 6 x 9 inches, the DS 80 can bring exceptional good quality to prints up to eight x12 inches, which can be printed within 30 seconds.

Naturally most folks would inquire about the print media used in these printers. There is a big array of print media obtainable in the market place these days, just for the dye sublimation printers nevertheless, if you nonetheless want to invest on quality, Sony printer media are among the greatest selections you can have. For instance, the 2UPC-X46 Sony Print media or the 2UPC-R206 are varieties of Sony printer media that can be used with DNP printers. Every single unit pack can print 700 prints and are compatible with all Sony and DNP dye sublimation printers.

Though the name may well not sound that known when it comes to photo printers in common, its “mother” company, Sony, does. Dye sublimation printers are turning out to be increasingly popular these days, considering that most photo printing specialists are investing on them.