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Technical Analysis of portable inkjet photo printer dye-sublimation PK – photo printer, printer-IT i

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Technical Evaluation of portable inkjet photo printer dye-sublimation PK – photo printer, printer-IT i

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Transportable photo presently on the market Printer Functions from a technical distinction among a inkjet and dye sublimation of two but both techniques have their strengths then choose the time what sort of product is a lot more suitable for your self Now Xiao Bian will make an evaluation of both technologies hoping to lift the doubts for you Digital Cameras The greatest partners consequently that Printer Also frequently referred to as color Digital Photo printers specially suitable for fine print on the portrait demands delicate skin texture but also not easy to fade with the characteristics of extended expression preservation Yellow red blue This is our every day said the 3 main colours any other color can be reconciled by the three major colors created dye sublimation printer that is accomplished by means of the tri color mix of a assortment of colours and color depth Nevertheless dye sublimation printing method the three types of colour printing is not the same time but each time you use a colour by 3 times to form the required colour printing specifications Is exactly for this cause the print media in the printing process a complete of 3 instances to go via the printer dye sublimation printer tends to make printing approach is comparatively slow but higher enough to make up for the photo print quality defects Some sublimation printers in 3 colour soon after the process and a membrane attached That the 3 colours on the re use of specific products on the sublimation ribbon and attach to paper to form a protective film the film can perform up oxidation discoloration Drainage place the part of fingerprints This is ink jet printer can not do Dye sublimation printer ribbon is a one time use and printing paper ribbon with matching common sale each and every volume on the yellow ribbon red blue three colours as a group every single print a photo a group color on paper band So although sublimation printer can print in very low resolution but does not decrease printing charges can only slightly strengthen the printing speed the proposed complete to the highest resolution print Way also to remind one particular print right after print of the picture the text will be employed ribbon latent picture on the left if the print subject material is confidential details the proposed preservation great ribbon and destroyed after use Printer resolution also identified as the output resolution refers to the printed output in the two horizontal and vertical directions can be printed per inch highest amount of points usually a quot point inch quot or dpi dotperinch stated The so named maximum resolution refers to the maximum resolution the printer can print that is what limits the resolution printed output Typically referred to the printer resolution typically refers to the optimum printer resolution the resolution of the present dye sublimation printers are normally around in the 300 300dpi Print resolution is a measure of printer quality of key indicators which determines the printer can print photos the overall performance of sophistication and its degree of output quality has an important influence to some extent therefore the selection also print resolution the printer 39 s output top quality The higher the resolution which reflected the quantity of pixels to display the more can present more info and greater and a lot more clear image However given that dye sublimation printer 39 s technical qualities even though printing the very same picture format resolution less than the ink jet printers but the print is a continuous gradation of the print kind but large end inkjet photo printers can be comparable image colour smooth transition is of course the primary attributes of its print Precisely because of the traits of dye sublimation printers are not suitable for printing text tables and so on Dye sublimation printer printing time is not a precise parameter Laser inkjet printers printer print speed usually refers to the output of paper per minute range of pages printed the unit with the PPM PagesPerMinute stated All printer producer at present readily available for consumers of laser or inkjet printer products logo to print quicker speed as a regular unit of measurement But the dye sublimation printer for printing utilizing laser or inkjet printer technologies and distinct usually significantly less than a minute to print so the speed dye sublimation printer in seconds expressed as a standard dye sublimation printer prints at speeds around 90 fantastic debut little longer due to the fact of the require warm heated print head Dye sublimation printer will print in red yellow blue 3 colour film vaporization followed by heat therapy following stamping on a committed photo paper due to the fact the level of the existing heating heater components can be divided into 128 or 256 level so because of heating vapor different pigment concentrations of vaporization resulting in colour will correspond to a 128 or 256 of the constant color scale which is the concept of the colour grade 3 colours per colour 128 or 256 can produce a complete of 2 097 million color or colors of the constant gradation 16 770 000 16 770 000 color that is practically the colour of the human eye can distinguish among the depth limits Present dye sublimation printer with 256 multi color grade

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