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Decryption: Broad digital dye sublimation fabric printing – printing – screen printing sector, espe

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Decryption: Wide digital dye sublimation fabric printing – printing – screen printing industry, espe

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Wide digital dye sublimation printing technology to the printing enterprises with extended product range for existing customers or to never consider the unique opportunity to enter new markets Whether your business small or large whether you plan to focus specific applications or to provide a wide range of br br Textile Printing products who are interested in detection of this booming market and intends to benefit from each company wide digital dye sublimation printing not let you go home empty handed br br Seiko Infotech 39 s Color Textiler 64 DS oily dye sublimation transfer printing machine br When you think of digital dye sublimation printing it may emerge that in mind such as sweatshirts mouse pads cups and tiles and other products However the current rapidly into large format sublimation textile printing applications so the technology is showing a greater new meaning Whether you are sitting in a Las Vegas gambling table in the theater watching a show in the clothing department stores Macy 39 s closer look at cosmetics counters or in the museum 39 s exhibits in the shuttle if stopped look around you 39 ll notice the image around the side or in front of the table decorations are using dye sublimation printing of textiles br br Splash of Color Inc DFP 104 Textiles Direct br Printing machine For the plan to the events fairs home decoration sports and other areas show a unique lightweight image printing business solutions for printing wide format dye sublimation opportunities for them to open the door As the textile printing applications and market developments printing companies can expand the types of textile printing to complement their existing screen printing and digital imaging products Now let us further explore the digital dye sublimation technology works br br What is sublimation printing Sublimation printing is a process using specific sublimation ink when ink when heated in which the dye will be converted into gas penetrate the fibers of polyester materials which will be embedded into the fiber within the image Sublimation printing there are two types one is printed on transfer paper or the first carrier sheet on but through the heat and pressure to transfer images to textiles the other is to sublimate the image directly printed textiles br br Mimaki 994 direct textile printing machine br In sublimation transfer printing the ink is first coated on the carrier material or transfer paper which is usually coated with ink of silicon composed of senior writing paper Coating is the role of sublimation ink can be absorbed into the paper while it also controls the ink dot gain and optimize the distillation process Get the image transfer paper and the final design of the contrary to put this image on textiles at temperatures close to 375 F when the pressure until the images sublimation transfer to the fibers br br In the direct printing method the textile inkjet print head moves to the bottom then the image is printed may contain ink coating of textiles Then the textile through the hot fusing device so that ink sublimation and permanently bonded to the material This station can be a thermosetting ink jet printing equipment machine components or a separate device br br As noted above sublimation printing especially for polyester or polyester based materials However with the polyester coating material may also be suitable for sublimation printing br br Different inks for different fabrics Three sublimation ink used to print the image br Water based ink Solvent based inks and oil based ink Water based ink is characterized by sublimation disperse dyes can produce excellent color and strong resistance to ultraviolet rays Direct use of such ink sublimation printing requires a simple two step printed and on line heating processes Although water based ink for sublimation transfer printing requires a plus images br br Heat Transfer Materials to the final printing of additional steps but this approach often generates more clearly than the direct printing images Water based ink sublimation ink transfer printing method has the disadvantage that will penetrate into the vector resulting in material wrinkles resulting in the correct transfer images difficult br br Velotex Express Company 39 s textile direct printing machine br Although the ink may be due to solvent is not the most environmentally friendly ink be groundless accusations but they give an advantage sublimation transfer printing is to reduce the transfer paper wrinkling or bending which can be attributed to solvent Ink is not as wet as water based ink paper Some solvent based ink printing companies are equipped with tension adjustment system which aims to maintain a great medium tension thus further reducing the possibility of bending br br Juan Jos Cucino Mr GraphicsOne 39 s development manager and technical support he thought solvent based inks for outdoor applications high speed output is a good choice particularly the resolution of 180 360dpi industrial solvent based printers But users do need a clear solvent based ink containing cyclohexanone this ketone solvents are considered carcinogenic substances also require special handling and disposal br br Oily ink Such as those in the Seiko Infotech company 39 s ColorTextiler64DS oil based dye sublimation transfer printing machine ink used Sublimation transfer also reduced the appearance of wrinkles Another advantage of oil based ink is that it can be heated in the pressure immediately after printing eliminating the wait for the evaporation of water from the transfer paper on the need Oil based ink will not be released to any harmful solvents in the air or particles Its one drawback is thicker ink layer and thus easier to plug the print head br br More exciting please see gt gt

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